Priscila Da Costa (founder & bandleader of PTOLEMEA), with Portuguese origins, was born and raised in Luxembourg. She started doing music quite late. At the age of 26, when she got her business law degree, she decided to listen to herself and radically started a new path investing all of her energy in that passion that was, since always, hiding deep down: music!

After many years of hard work and determination, Priscila realises this unique project in her career: a key step in her musical and spiritual path that allows her to assert her identity as an artist. With PTOLEMEA, she aims for authenticity and remains faithful to what’s closest to her heart (Rock music) by composing intricate and powerful songs.

Ptolemea’s musical style is melodic and is characterised by an energetic and dynamic rhythmic section . with Martin Schommer on drums and Yves Oek on bass. A captivating feature of this band is the electric violin played by Christophe Reitz. Last but not least, Remo Cavallini enhancing it all with his amazing guitar playing. With her electric guitar and her powerful voice, Priscila reminds her audience that she definitely has Rock music in her blood.



The name PTOLEMEA was inspired of the astronomer and astrologer Claudius Ptolemeus.

Claudius Ptolemeus was one of the first ones that has “numerised” music (his works had a lot of influence on themes like harmonics and musical intervals). He also took part in the discussion of the “music of spheres” in which the distance of the planets in the universe was measured with musical intervals.